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Gokul Ravi
Gokul RaviAssistant Professor, Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering
4757 Beyster Bldg.2260 Hayward St.Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122

Gokul Subramanian Ravi

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Division of the EECS Department, at the University of Michigan. My research primarily focuses on quantum computing, and I lead the Computer Architecture For Quantum Advantage (CAFQA) Lab. Additionally, I am affiliated with the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE).

Alert 1: I am recruiting students (especially PhD students for Fall 2024). If you are a current or prospective (graduate/undergraduate) student interested in research across the quantum computing hardware-software stack, please reach out! While a strong background in quantum is useful, it is not a must. There are many opportunities to contribute to the quantum world with a strong background in classical computing (for example, in computer architecture, hardware, algorithms, compilers, programming languages, electronics, etc.). Please read my mentoring plan here.

Alert 2: I am teaching a quantum computing special topics course in Winter 2024: EECS 498/598 Architecting Hybrid Quantum-Classical Systems (Listed as Hybrid Quantum Systems, LEC 006 TTH 430-630PM 2150 DOW). This course will focus on topics at the intersection of quantum and classical computing. It will leverage several classical computing principles and use these as foundation toward building a hybrid computing ecosystem for practical quantum advantage.

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Research Summary

My research targets quantum computing architecture and systems, primarily on themes at the intersection of quantum and classical computing. I am interested in research directions related to:

  • Quantum computing: Application-tailored full-stack optimization, Variational quantum algorithms, Hardware-tailored error mitigation, Hybrid quantum-classical systems, Quantum error correction decoding, Classical simulation for quantum, Pulse-level optimization, Resource management (e.g., in the quantum cloud), Scalable quantum compilers;
  • Computer architecture and systems: ML-assisted systems, Accelerating scientific applications.

(More) About Me

Prior to joining Michigan, I was an NSF CI Fellows postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago mentored by Prof. Fred Chong. I completed my PhD in Computer Architecture from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Wisconsin-Madison in August 2020, advised by Prof. Mikko Lipasti. I received my Bachelor’s Degree (B.E.) in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (Pilani), India in 2012 and worked at NVIDIA Bangalore in 2012-2013. Alongside research, I enjoy teaching quantum and classical computing courses. I created a mentoring program called “I too can Quantum! (I2Q)” to encourage novice classical researchers to contribute to quantum computing (Previous offerings: ISCA 2021, 2023).


  • CAFQA: 2023 Innovation Award, Quantum Computing for Drug Discovery Challenge at ICCAD
  • SnCQA: 2023 IEEE QCE (Quantum Week) Best Paper Award in Algorithms
  • SupermarQ: 2023 IEEE Micro Top Picks Honorable Mention
  • SupermarQ: 2022 HPCA Best Paper Award
  • Quancorde: 2022 ICRC Highlight Paper
  • 2020 Best ECE Dissertation Award from UW-Madison
  • 2019 Rising Star in Computer Architecture


  • CIFellows Spotlight: Gokul Subramanian Ravi (CRA/CCC CIFellows post on my research) [Link]
  • Modern (Chemistry) Problems Require Modern (Quantum) Solutions (Blogpost on VQA applications) [Link]
  • EPiQC Post-Doc Pens Op-Ed on Potential of Quantum Computing for Chemistry (UChicago highlight on the above) [Link]
  • Stairway to Quantum (Blogpost on the I2Q workshop) [Link]
  • Quantum Computing and the Cloud (IQT article I contributed to) [Link]
  • Gokul Ravi and coauthors present new advances in quantum computing at IEEE Quantum Week, win Best Paper Award (2023) [Link]


  • EECS 370 Intro to Computer Organization UMichigan Fall 2023
  • CMSC 22900 1 Quantum Computer Systems UChicago Spring 2022