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Gokul Ravi
Gokul RaviAssistant Professor, Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering
4757 Beyster Bldg.2260 Hayward St.Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122


Quantum Talks

  • Hybrid Quantum-Classical Systems
    • NSF Future of Semiconductors (FuSe) workshop, May 2024
    • NSF Workshop on Post-Quantum AI, Purdue University, April 2024
    • IBM Quantum Research India, December 2023
    • Advanced Computational Science & Engineering Showcase mini-symposium, October 2023
    • I too can Quantum (I2Q) workshop, June 2023
    • NSF/CRA CCC 5 Year Update to the Next Steps in Quantum Computing workshop, May 2023
  • Classical Simulation and Noise Modeling to Advance Quantum Frontiers
    • Workshop on Modeling & Simulation of Systems and Applications, August 2023
  • Quancorde: Boosting fidelity with Quantum Canary Ordered Diverse Ensembles.
    • International Symposium on Roadmapping Devices and Systems, May 2023
    • APS March Meeting, March 2023
    • ICRC, December 2022
  • A Hybrid Computing Ecosystem for Practical Quantum Advantage
    • 04/28/2023 Penn State University CS
    • 04/20/2023 University of Maryland ECE
    • 04/17/2023 University of Southern California ECE
    • 04/13/2023 University of Michigan CSE
    • 04/10/2023 University of Virginia CS
    • 04/06/2023 Princeton CS
    • 04/03/2023 Purdue CS
    • 03/21/2023 Ohio State CSE
    • 03/16/2023 Cornell ECE
    • 03/13/2023 Northwestern CS
    • 03/09/2023 UMN ECE
    • 03/01/2023 UCSB CS
    • 02/23/2023 Rutgers CS
    • 02/21/2023 NC State CS/ECE
    • 02/09/2023 CU Boulder CS/ECE
    • 02/02/2023 Virginia Tech CS
  • ASPLOS, March 2023
    • Navigating the dynamic noise landscape of variational quantum algorithms with QISMET [Slides]
    • Better than Worst-Case Decoding for Quantum Error Correction [Slides]
    • CAFQA: A classical simulation bootstrap for variational quantum algorithms [Slides]
  • Better than Worst-Case Decoding for Quantum Error Correction [Slides]
    •, September 2022
  • Classical Support and Error Mitigation for Variational Quantum Algorithms 
    • ARQC Seminar Series, September 2023
    • Software-Tailored Architecture for Quantum (STAQ) co-design, May 2023
    • MIT/ND Quantum Computer System Lecture Series, August 2022
  • CAFQA: Clifford Ansatz For Quantum Accuracy [Slides]
    • Q-NEXT: Next Generation Quantum Science and Engineering, June 2022
      HQAN: Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks, May 2022
      CIFellows/NITRD Symposium, May 2022
      AIDE-QC: Advancing Integrated Development Environments for Quantum Computing through Fundamental Research, April 2022
      EPiQC: Enabling Practical-scale Quantum Computing Expedition, Feb 2022
      TEAM: Tough Errors Are No Match, Sep 2021
  • VAQEM: A Variational Approach to Quantum Error Mitigtion [Slides]
    • High Peformance Computer Architecture Conference (HPCA), April 2022
      American Physics Society March Meeting, March 2022
      Quantum Information Science and Engineering seminars (QISES), Feb 2022
  • Architecting Classical Support for Near-term Quantum Systems
    • University of California-Merced Seminar, Feb 2022
  • Quantum in the Cloud: Characterization and Management of Jobs and Machines [Slides]
    • Amazon Braket, Dec 2021
  • Quantum Computing in the Cloud: Analyzing job and machine characteristics [Slides]
    • IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC), Nov 2021
  • Adaptive job and resource management for the growing quantum cloud [Slides]
    • 2021 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering QCE, Oct 2021
  • Enhancing VQA through scalable clifford simulation and variational error mitigation
    • STAQ: Software-Tailored Architectures for Quantum codesign, Sep 2021

Classical Talks (incomplete)

  • Exploiting Timing Guarbands for Accurate and Approximate Computing [Slides]
    Invited Talk at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, NY (IBM 2019)
  • ReDSOC: Recycling Data Slack in Out-Of-Order Cores [Slides]
    25th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA 2019)
  • Software-Hardware Approximation for Sustainable Timing Approximation [Slides]
    UW-Madison Computer Architecture Affilitates 2018 (Affiliates 2018)
  • Aggressive Slack Recycling via Transparent Pipelines [Slides]
    ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED 2018)
  • Axl: Accelerating Approximations via Slack Recycling [Slides]
    Workshop on Approximate Computing co-located w/ ASPLOS (WAX 2018)
  • Recycling Data Slack in OOO Cores [Slides]
    UW-Madison Computer Architecture Affilitates 2017 (Affiliates 2017)
  • Clock Hierarchy Aware Resource Scaling in Tiled ARchitectures [Slides]
    Invited Talk at Google, CA (Google 2017)
  • CHARSTAR: Clock Hierarchy Aware Resource Scaling in Tiled ARchitectures [Slides] [Lightning]
    44th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture, presented by Prof. Lipasti (ISCA 2017)
  • Timing Speculation in Multi-Cycle Data Paths [Slides]
    UW-Madison Computer Architecture Affilitates 2016 (Affiliates 2016)
  • Timing Speculation in Multi-Cycle Data Paths [Slides]
    ARM Research Summit, presented by Prof. Lipasti (ARM 2016)
  • GPU Register File Virtualization [Slides]
    48th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, presented by Hyeran (MICRO 2015)
  • Spatiotemporal Adaptivity in Tiled Architectures [Slides]
    UW-Madison Computer Architecture Affilitates 2015 (Affiliates 2015)